Breakdown the Timestamp for Regression problems

Example :: 2038-01-19 03:14:07

  • timestamp: The timestamp value that was decomposed. Example:
  • timestamp_unix: Unix format of timestamp.
  • diff: The difference in seconds from the previous numeric timestamp value.

  • year: The year component of the timestamp.
  • quarter: The quarter of the year from the timestamp year.
  • halfyear: First or second half of the year
  • month: The month component of the timestamp with base 1 or base 0.
  • month.label: The month label. January and ending with December.

  • hour: The hour component of the timestamp.
  • minute: The minute component of the timestamp.
  • second: The second component of the timestamp.
  • hour12: The hour component on a 12 hour scale.
  • am_pm: Morning (AM) = 1, Afternoon (PM) = 2.
  • wday: The day of the week with base 1 or base 0. Sunday = 1/0 and Saturday = 7/6.
  • wday.label: The day of the week label. Sunday and ending with Saturday.
  • dayofmonth: The day of the month it is same as the day from timestamp.
  • dayofquater: The day of the quarter.
  • dayofyear: The day of the year.
  • weekofmonth: The week of the month.
  • week: The week number of the year.
  • week2mod: The modulus for bi-weekly frequency.
  • week3mod: The modulus for tri-weekly frequency.
  • week4mod: The modulus for quad-weekly frequency.


Most of them are common deductions and some were searched online as well. But I felt that all the decomposition components were not available at a single blog or post…